“At such a young age, Jimmy has seen more of the world than 99.9% of us will ever see. His presentation captivates, educates and inspires audiences of all ages. It’s not a talk about cycling around the planet; it’s more concerned with the profound things you might discover if you are brave enough to step outside your comfort zone. Whether you are 12 or 60 years of age, you will leave Jimmy’s presentation motivated to get more out of your short time on the planet, and you will probably smile a little more often too.” Jesse Carlsson – Ultra Endurance Cyclist

“A remarkable journey from such a young Adventurer. Jimmy’s presentation was awesome, poignant and powerful. I thoroughly recommend hearing about Jimmy’s amazing journey and his message of self-determination and self-discovery. His undertones of dealing with the challenges of the world and the modern day issues of mental health and wellbeing was extraordinarily refreshing.” Gordon Begg – Westminster School

“Jimmy quickly engaged the students at Scotch during his presentation to the middle and senior school. He charismatically connected his story with the hurdles our students face and challenged them to find their own major goal to work toward. In conversation with students after there was lots of positive feedback and motivation to do something great.” Rob Stillwell – Scotch College

“As apart of our Social Education curriculum at Underdale High School we are always keen seek new and different opportunities for our students to engage with. Jimmy came in and shared his adventure of a young person taking on the challenge cycling around the world. Our year 10 students, who were all completing their personal learning plan were encouraged to view the presentation as setting and achieving goals. What they obtained from the presentation was a great deal more as Jimmy explained the highs, the lows, the love for the outdoors, the people and the power of a smile that can transcend all languages all while sitting on a bike.” Brenton Daddow – Underdale High School

‘At the end of last year I organised for Jimmy to come and speak to 2 classes of year 8s. His presentation had the students truly captivated and hanging off of every word he spoke. It was evident the students took a lot from his presentation and I would recommend it for any high school aged student.’  Amy Fletcher – Tatachilla College

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