Motor Neurone Disease/Donate

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is the name given to a group of diseases in which causes the neurones that control our muscles to fail to work. Over time the disease kills these neurones and you lose control of your very own muscles.

This disease is a slow process, over a 2.5 year period patients continue to lose control over their muscles, ability to speak, swallow and breath whilst their mind and sense’s will remain in tact – eventually killing them. Each day in Australia, 2 people die from MND.

There currently is no known cure for this awful disease and with over 2000 people diagnosed with MND, it is truely disheartening.

I personally lost my beloved Gran to this disease when I was only young. Because of this I have decided to dedicate my ride around the world to raising money for this cause. Through the help of MND Australia – I will be collecting donations along my way in order to help with the research to find a cure and also in the assistance and help of people that are living with the disease today.

A link to donate can be found here-

My beloved Gran