Stories From the Road – Presentation

Jimmy Ashby – World Cyclist Motivational Speaker

Australian Geographic Young Adventurer of the year

In April of 2018, at 18 years old I left home and embarked on a 393 day, 39 100km, 32 country bicycle ride around the globe. Alone.

Through my 60-minute talk I not only share the places I cycled and countries I explored but the person I became as a result of it. The lessons of resilience, passion and happiness I learnt and the techniques that I developed and now use in my day-to-day life.


My Key Points


  • With every hardship and low I faced, I developed a range of techniques to deal with them, from the weather to solitude and even global terrorism I faced the toughest moments of my life so far. But yet, I got through them.
  • With each tough moment I became stronger mentally and emotionally and I’m now equip with the experiences and methods to manage the lows and hardship of my ‘normal’ life – all of which I explain in my talk.


  • We all have our own world to cycle. I explore the idea of finding ‘your passion’ and create inspiration to strive and follow personal own passions.
  • No idea is too crazy; it’s about developing the courage and drive to take it on. Before I left on this ride people asked me “Why?” but now I’ve finished, they asked me ”How?”

Happiness & Wellbeing:

  • In the most remote corners of the world and the countries that are at war, I found the greatest amount of happiness – why? I explore this idea and bring it back to something so simple, a smile and being grateful and how we can all bring it into our own lives.
  • I share how I stayed on top of my mental health throughout my journey, how I dealt with the solitude and how being grateful and smiling began to change the way I viewed the world.

My talk is presented through a range of multimedia, videos, audio and photographs, all tied in with my good, the bad and the hilarious stories from the road. It will provide inspiration and motivation whilst also providing key ideas to think about and techniques that can be used in personal and work lives.



My 60 minute package is aimed at HighSchool Students, Corporate Organisations & companies, focusing on happiness, resilience and passion, perfect for wellbeing programs and personal development. I utilise a large range of film and photography from my journey and the presentation can be adapted or lengthened to suit.

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We all have our own world to cycle. Whats stopping you?