Stories From the Road – Presentation

October 18th, 6:30pm, Public Presentation, Open to all & U10’s free – $10 a ticket.

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At 18 years old I left home and embarked on a 393 day, 39 100km, 32 country and 4 continent bicycle ride. Alone.

In my 60 minute presentation you may laugh, maybe you’ll learn about who I am and where I cycled or you might even shed a tear.  If anything I hope it makes you ask some questions.

The things I experienced and the people I met shaped me into the person I now am. These stories, people and places is something I want to share with the world, schools, companies, friends & family.


Through my 60 minute presentation I take you on my journey around the world, exploring each high & low, scary moment and hardship that I faced. I retell the stories that had the greatest impact on me as a person and then share the love, care and compassion that was given to me in some of the most remote places in the world which subsequently has given me a new understanding of happiness. I found the most simple thing, a Smile, had such meaning and power behind it and I ask the question of what actually makes us happy & smile, is it what we own or something more?

I share what kept me motivated to cycle each day and then how I kept myself going when I was at my worst, when the food, landscape, language barriers and loneliness had broken me. The methods and techniques I used throughout my journey I still use every day, they helped me to become resilient, strong and able to keep going when I thought I had no more. I also explore the idea of finding the thing you are most passionate about and taking it on with both hands. No matter if you’re about to leave school or in a workplace environment, we all have our own world to cycle.


My 60 minute package is aimed at HighSchool Students, Corporate Organisations & companies, focusing on happiness, resilience and passion, perfect for wellbeing programs and personal development. I utilise a large range of film and photography from my journey and the presentation can be adapted or lengthened to suit.

Get in contact via or 0460 403 370 to book.

We all have our own world to cycle. Whats stopping you?